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Mini Kit Pocket Games

Box front to the Golf Mini Kit game Box front to the Howzat Cricket Mini Kit game Contents of the Howzat Cricket Mini Kit showing dice, instruction book and score pad Box front to the Finger Football Mini Kit game Contents of the Finger Football Mini Kit showing goal post, finger boots and game mat Box front to the Ping Pong Mini Kit game

Client Running Press

Format 80 x 74 mm kit box with 32 page book and components

Skills Quark Xpress, Photoshop and Illustrator

The client requested a retro-inspired design for the mini kits. They wanted to take advantage of the Dangerous Book for Boys market. In addition, they wanted the kits to target a male audience, making them ideal as stocking fillers or Father’s Day gifts.

My inspiration for the design came from researching old magazines and comics, like The Eagle, Roy of the Rovers and Look and Learn. I wanted the artwork be consistent across the kits, so I commissioned illustrator Maya Gavin to provide them.

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